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Rogue Shooting Targets AR-500 Steel Target



Our AR500 Steel Shooting Target Plates, Stands, Holders & Kits

Rogue Shooting Targets has steel targets for just about everyone. You may choose to buy just a steel target so you can make your own hanger or stand. We also have our steel target stands and steel target holders and even kits that have both the steel target stand and steel target so when it arrives, you can start shooting. Our AR500 steel targets for sale add a new experience to target shooting. With immediate feedback steel targets give the shooter instant gratification letting the shooter know if they hit their mark with both visual and audio confirmation. Even in a rapid series of shots the shooter will know if they hit or missed, unlike other target types. Hearing the hit on steel targets at long distances is very convenient as you spend less time inspecting targets and more time shooting. Steel targets have other advantages over traditional paper targets when shooting in unfavorable conditions, as they are not greatly affected by rain or wind. All of our steel targets can be shot on either side as there are no brackets welded, allowing the shooter to get maximum use from targets and not being concerned with broken welds. Our targets are made to last thousands of rounds.




Our steel target plates are all 100% domestic laser cut AR500, NOT plasma cut to preserve the characteristics of the steel. After the targets have been laser cut they are washed in solvent to remove oils. They are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint whatever color you choose or not paint at all, some shooters prefer to just oil and shoot. After painting, the bullet impact will mark the target with a hit by blowing off the paint, just repaint and reuse. All of our AR500 Steel targets are designed to be used as handgun targets or rifle targets


AR500 Steel Targets


Rogue Shooting Targets 1/2
1/2" AR500 Steel Gong Targets
1/2" steel gong targets 4" to 15".


Rogue Shooting Targets 3/8
3/8" AR500 Steel Gong targets
3/8" steel gong targets 4"-20".


Rogue Shooting Targets Square steel shooting target
AR500 Steel Square Targets
3/8" square targets 8"x8" to 24"x24". Our 3/8" square target plates have a .530" square hole cut to fit the 1/2" hardened carriage bolt used in our Heavy Duty Tension Holder. They also have holes at top corners to allow hanging as gong plate with chains or the like.

Rogue Shooting Targets 3/8

AR500 Steel Target 3 Packs
3 pack pricing for our selected 3/8" steel gong targets and 3/8" steel square targets. 

Rogue Shooting Targets 3/8
3/8" AR500 Steel Tension Mount Targets
3/8" Tension Mount Steel Targets have a .530" square hole cut to fit the hardened 1/2" carriage bolt used in our Heavy Duty Tension Holder. Can also be used with our T-Post hangers. Sized for Steel Challenge Stages.

Rogue Shooting Targets AR-500 Steel Sihouette target

3/8" & 1/2" AR500
Steel Silhouette Targets
Our 2/3 scale and full size IDPA silhouette plates have a .530" square hole cut to fit the hardened 1/2" carriage bolt used in our Heavy Duty Tension Holder, they also have holes at each shoulder to allow hanging with chains or such.

Rogue Shooting Targets static steel targets 3/8"  AR500 Static Steel Targets
Our Static Steel targets are available in 3/8" thickness, static targets are designed to hang at forward angle and take a beating. Our static steel targets  can be reversed and shot from both sides, extending the life of the target. These steel targets are used with our angled target holders, which come in either 10 degrees or 20 degrees forward tilt. Origionaly designed for the U.S.A Navy, now available for everyone.


AR500 Steel Target Kits
Rogue Shooting Targets Steel Target Kit

AR500 Steel Target Kits

Our most common steel targets and target stands put into kits at package pricing.
3/8" x 10" AR500 Gong with our Swinging Gong Stand for rifle shooters
3/8" x 10" AR500 Round Tension Mount plate with our Heavy Duty Tension Stand for pistol or rifle shooters
1/2" x 15" AR500 Gong with Swinging Gong Stand for long range shooters.


Rogue Shooting Targets Junior Plate Rack

AR500 Steel Plate Rack Targets

We offer two models of AR500 plate rack targets, the Junior Plate rack which has three 3/8" x 8" AR500 targets and is easy for one person to set up and the standard plate rack which has six 3/8" x 8" AR500 targets. Both are reset by puling a nylon reset strap from shooting position so you can stop all the walking to reset your targets.


Steel Target Stands & Holders We have designed and built stands and holders for steel targets that are easy to put together and convenient to transport after assembly.  
Rogue Shooting Targets Steel Target Hanger Target Holders
Heavy Duty Tension Holder,
is used with any of our steel targets that have a .530" square hole, just attach steel target to holder and slip over top of wood 2x4 post ( wood 2x4 not included) Can be used by rifle and pistol shooters.

"T"- Post Hanger, are used with a heavy duty t-post to hang our steel targets. Use a pair along with a chain or strap kit to hang our gong plates or use as singles to hang our steel target plates with a .530" square hole. sold as pairs 


Rogue Shooting Targets Heavy Duty Tension Stand Target Stands

Swinging Gong Stand, is made from .095" x 1" round steel tubing, it sits 28" tall holding even the large 16" square steel target plates approximately 8" off ground, giving plenty of room to swing. Can be used with our square steel targets or our steel gong plates. Its legs stand 29" wide from fron to back and 53" from side to side giving plenty of stability. Just bolt legs to top hanger and slide top bar into hanger, comes with powder coated finish. Can be used by pistol or rifle shooters.

Heavy Duty Tension Stand,
is used to hang any of our steel targets that have a .530" square hole (square plates, tension plates or silhouettes). It is made from heavy gauge steel and has powder coated finish, has a 27" x 29 1/2" footprint. Can be used by pistol or rifle shooters. Customer supplies wood 2x4.


Hardware for Steel Targets
Rogue Shooting Target Hardware Hardware

Find fasteners and mounting hardware for your steel shooting target or stand.

Chain Kit,
use to hang all our plates except the tension plates.

Strap Kit, use
to hang our gongs and plates.