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We have gathered a few other industry links and organizations for shooters that support and promote the use of firearms. Firearms are a great tool that can be safely used for a wide range of purposes including self defence, recreation, competition or hunting just to name a few. If you live in the U.S.A. and enjoy your way of life and the opertunities you have, thank a vetran of past wars that they fought to defend YOUR rights and freedoms while using a firearm as a great tool that helped defend and promote peace around the world. If you are alive today anywhere in the world remember that in almost all cases we are alive today because of ancestors who had the need to hunt to provide food for people to survive, many times they used a firearm to that harvest that clean organic food. As we find ourselves living in a crazy world today one thing is for sure, firearms and shooting are hear to stay, and we need to find a way to promote knowledge of safe firearms use, as the world we know may well depend on it. Our links and oranizations for shooters can help with spreading the word.

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Nightforce builds premier optics that can take what you dish out they also produce a wide variety of other products also. As for rifle scopes they build for many different shooting types, from tactical, bench rest or hunting all are built for precision shooting and repeatable accuracy. There is also a amazing story from a US soldier. Find a dealer and give them a try.


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AccurateShooter is a website devoted to shooters and is a seemingly never ending resource of information, from the technical articles or general articles and you will find there is a ton of information available or check out gun of the week and if you like what you see you can donate and help them keep doing it.


Wyatts Outdoor

Wyatts Outdoor is a full Service gun repair facility and custom gun manufacture, they also offer a line of extended and centerfeed magazines for Remington and Winchester rifles, another popular product they produce is a detachable magazine assembly for the ultra mags and .338 Lapua to fit Remington long actions. Be sure to check out there other products and services they can provide.



The National Rifle Association is the longest standing civil rights organization, they are involved in just about every aspect of the shooting industry from fighting to maintain gun owners rights, to helping to establish certified instructors who teach and coach our nations young ones the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and proficient gun owners, to help establishing new gun ranges for shooters. You can help them do the good work by joining with a membership or donating to the cause, members enjoy several benefits and discounts, they also have a business alliance so you can support the business that support your freedom



Oregon Firearms Federation is a organization that fights at state and federal levels for your gun rights. They are also a great site to keep up on current bills and laws effecting your rights, they like most organizations they need your Support to allow them to do the work they do, you can also become a home activest and contact your representatives to preserve your rights.



Oregon Hunters Association has a goal to provide huntable wildlife in the state for all hunters today and in the future through habitat projects and lobbying for gun owner and hunter rights. Oregon Hunters Association directs a lot of their efforts to the youth of the state through youth days and other events. Hunters should become members and join in and help with the projects around Oregon.



Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a great conservation organization we are proud to belong to. They strive to improve habitats that help strengthen elk herds. If you are a avid hunter you should become a member or would like to support a great foundation help them out through volunteer work or donations and get involved.



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