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Rogue Shooting Targets has designed and manufactures Heavy Duty Stands for steel targets, stands that should last a good long time. They are assembled easily and "break" down for ease of transportation. Our stands are powder coated with a satin black finish to protect from the environment.

                                           Rogue Shooting Targets Gong Stand w/ silhouetteRogue Shooting Targets Gong Stand EndRogue Shooting Targets Gong Stand w/ square plate


Swinging Gong Stand - A heavy duty steel stand for our gong plates and our square plates. Comes with legs, cross tube, and hardware to hang our AR500 steel targets. Powder coated finish.

Our Swinging Gong Stand is made from .095 x 1" round steel tubing, it sits 28" tall holding even the large 15" plate approximately 8" off ground, giving it plenty of room to swing. It's legs are 29" wide from front to back and 53" from side to side giving it plenty of stability. Just bolt legs to top hanger and slide top bar in hanger, comes powder coated. And if your shooting partner shoots a leg or top bar its ok they are available separately.  Use for all our gong plates up to 15" and our square plates up to 16"x16" to hang from. Comes with chain kit and hardware. Plate not included.

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Large Swinging Gong Stand – A larger version of our Swinging Gong Stand which allows use with our AR500 steel shooting targets up to 20” in diameter and can be used with our 2/3 scale IDPA silhouettes also. Powder coated finish.

The Large Gong Stand is made from the same .095 x 1” round steel tubing as our standard swinging gong stand just on a larger scale. The Large Swinging Gong Stand is 33” tall with legs that are 34” wide from front to back and 69” from side to side giving it a large footprint for stability. Comes with chain kit and hardware. Plate not included.

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                Rogue Shooting Targets Tension Holder with 3/8 squareplateRogue Shooting Targets Tension Holder 24 square plareRogue Shooting Targets Tension Holder with 3/8 plate


Heavy Duty Tension Stand - Heavy duty Tension Stand and Tension Plate Holder for any of our AR500 steel target plates with a .530" square hole cut in them (3/8" & 1/2" Silhouettes, 3/8" tension plates, and our 3/8" square plates). Has a 27" x 29.5" footprint for stability. Target height dependent on customer supplied 2x4. Powder coat finish. Hardware included.

Our Tension Mount Stands are designed for use with our Tension Plates or any of our AR500 steel targets with a .530" square hole. The Tension Holder can be used with your 2x4 wood post. Just mount plate and slide over top of post and shoot. The Tension Mount Stand comes with Tension Holder and a stand with a 27"x 29.5" footprint (wood 2x4 not included). Plate not included. Can be used by rifle or pistol shooters.

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