Auto Resetting Steel Targets – AR500 Steel Auto reset popper targets

Our auto reset popper targets are extremely durable and fun reactive steel target to shoot. These AR500 steel popper targets reset when hit allowing the shooter to get more shooting in, insteed of the shooter spending time reseting target. The shapes we offer are time tested designs, we dont offer the rockchucks, squirrels or other cute figures as we dont feel those designs are durable as we have bent those shapes up just to have twisted figures after just a few rifle rounds, we want our auto reseting poppers to last a good long time. As with all of our products there are few if any welds involving AR500 and if parts become damaged they can generaly be easly replaced. These reactive steel targets may be used as pistol or rifle targets and are reset using high quality USA made springs engineered for long term dependable use. Our Auto resetting popper targets may be used set on the ground and staked if necessary or with our auto resetting target leg kit, which raises the target about 6″ off the ground, making the AR500 steel target more visible while used in grass or such. Our AR500 Steel Targets are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint your preferance of color or no paint at all.

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