Rogue Shooting Targets has AR500 steel target holders that are easy to use and offer ease of set up.

Heavy Duty Tension Holder is for use with any of our steel target with a .530” square hole sized for a 1/2″ carriage bolt, it slips over a standard 2×4 wood post making it easy to hang your steel target plate. Not for use with gong targets.

Angled Steel Target Holders – Our angled steel shooting target holders are designed for use with our Angled AR500 Steel Targets. This steel target holder tips the steel target forward 10 or 20 dregees to try and direct bullet splatter downward and allows target plates to be hung on wood 2×4 post. By using wood 2×4 to hold steel targets it allows for replacement to be easy and affordable, it also reduces the chance of a ricochet of bullet or splatter. Once the wood post is installed target changes are simple and fast, just slip holder off top of post. Uses two 1/2″ grade 5 carriage bolts to attach targets.

T-Post Hanger is designed to be used with heavy duty “T” post to hang steel shooting targets. When used as singles they will hold our tension mount plates, square steel targets and our steel silhouette targets, when a pair of “T” post hangers and chain kit or strap kit are used they will hold steel targets as gong plates including our steel silhouettes. sold per pair.

T-Post Bracket for Steel Targets – Our T-Post brackets are used to build inexpensive stands for steel shooting targets using the “heavy duty” 1.330″ or 1.250″ metal “T” post used in field fencing, the T-post are readily available at building centers and retailers selling farm supplies. T-Post are easy to install and durable. You can easily hang your steel targets using two T-post, a pair of T-Post brackets and a wood 2×4 with a chain or strap kit. Using one T- Post bracket and a short length of wood 2×4 you can hang two steel targets of similar size and weight off one T-Post. Each T-Post bracket has eight holes which will allow for up to a #10 wood screw to fasten to wood 2×4. Sold per pair.

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