Rogue Shooting Targets 3/8″AR500 Steel Gong Targets -Steel Shooting Targets

3/8″ AR500 steel gong target plates are round hanging steel targets in sizes 4″-20″ in diameter, and will handle bullet impacts up to 3000 f.p.s velocity and 3500 ft. lbs. energy. These steel targets can be used as rifle targets or handgun targets. Our 3/8” x 20” steel gong targets makes a great long range target. Our 3/8″ AR500 steel targets may also be used with large magnum rifles at 300 yards and beyond.

All of our steel targets are 100% domestic laser cut AR500, not plasma cut to preserve the characteristics of the steel. They are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint whatever color you choose. After painting, the bullet impact will mark the plate with a hit by blowing off the paint, just repaint and reuse. After the target plates have been laser cut they are washed with solvent to remove oils. There may be numbers written on them representing the certified sheets from which they were cut. These plates are made to last thousands of rounds

3/8” gong plates 4”-20” for heavy pistol shooting and rifles up to 3000f.p.s. velocity and 3500ft.lbs. energy at impact:

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