AR500 Steel Target Safety

Here are a few important thoughts when it comes to steel target safety, Safety First. Using a little common sence can go along ways to making your shooting adventures good ones.

  • As with all shooting sports, it is important to follow target shooting safety tips at all times while enjoying firearm practice.
  • Bullet fragments can be cast towards shooter or spectators, it is advisable that shooter and spectators wear safety glasses, ear protection and appropriate clothing for protection.
  • Hanging the target with the target face pointed slightly downward will help direct the bullet splatter down and reduce the risk of injury. See photo below.
Steel Target Safety
Tip steel target slightly forward for safety
  • Never use armor piercing (AP), steel core, steel jacket, 100% copper, or other hardened bullets. They will damage the target and may cause injury.
  • Shoot steel targets straight on as possible
  • We dont recommend shooting 50 BMG any closser than 400 yds.
  • Never use BB’s, pellets, or air soft, they do not have the force to splatter and will bounce back.
  • Be aware that the bullet (lead splatter) may be hot. To reduce risk of fire, do not use in dry grass or vegetation. If you do, make sure there are no hot spots before you leave!
  • Use Steel Targets at own risk, Shooting steel targets can be dangerous.
  • Minimum pistol distance of 10 yds, Max. 1500 f.p.s lead ammo
  • Minimum rifle distance of 100 yds, Max. 3000 f.p.s.
  • If target becomes bent, cracked, or damaged in any way replace it.
  • Do not weld or modify plate.

Rogue Shooting Targets Assumes no responsibility or liability for misuse.