AR500 Steel Silhouette Shooting Targets in both 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick and in 2/3rd IDPA scale(12.08″x20.5″) and full IDPA scale(18″x30″). Both sizes are used by law enforcement agency’s, tactical training facilities and serious IDPA Shooters everyday. Our Metal Silhouette Targets have holes at each shoulder so you may hang as a gong target and then also has a .530″ square hole for use with our Heavy Duty Tension Holder or our T-post hanger. Our steel silhouette targets are used as rifle targets and handgun targets. The large overall size for the full size silhouette (18” x 30”) makes for a good choice for someone shooting long range targets. Our AR500 Steel Silhouette Targets are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint your preferance of color or no paint at all.

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