T-Post Hanger Bolt Kit

  • Rogue Shooting Targets Bolt Kit for T-post Steel Target Hangers

Price: $14.95

T-Post Hanger Bolt Kit




Replacement Bolt Kit for our T-post Hangers – If you need to replace the “L” bolt in your T-Post Hanger we offer them as a replacement item, they dont need replacement often but if they have been used to hang AR500 steel targets using the .530″ square hole over time the swinging motion of the steel target will wear on the “L” Bolt. this kit includes everything but the laser cut shims to rebuild your T-Post hangers (just reuse the shim plate). Get enough parts with the T-Post Hanger Bolt Kit  to “rebuild” one pair of T-Post Hangers

  • two 3/8″  “L” Bolts, custom made using domestic materials
  • four 3/8″ nuts
  • two 3/8″ Split lock washers
  • four 3/8″ Flat washers
  • Ships for Free (in USA)