AR500 Steel Target Paint Kit

  • Rogue Targets Steel Target Paint Kit

Price: $24.95

AR500 Steel Target Paint Kit




AR500 Steel Target Paint Kit – Generally when steel targets are repainted people use spray paint, well spray paint now days is actually expensive and can take a while to dry. Rogue Targets has come up with a kit to make painting your ar500 steel targets easy and inexpensive, using regular old latex paint which in most conditions dries faster than spray paint. Steel Target Paint kit includes a durable high quality plastic container with a sturdy handle, brass latch and water resistant O-ring seal, aluminium grate and a 3″ paint brush, just add a latex paint and you can easily paint your targets for less. The price of this kit will be made up with in just a few cans of quality spray paint.

Box Dimensions

Exterior: 11.625″ x 5.125″ x 7.125″

Interior: 9.5″ x 4.25″ x 6″

  • Color: Green
  • 3″ Paint brush
  • O-ring seal for hinged lid
  • Brass latch
  • Aluminium Grate
  • Ships for free (in USA)