AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 Steel Targets

For those looking to get set up for competitive shooting or just wanting to hone your shooting skills, using AR500 Steel Targets is a great option. Shooting steel targets is common practice with our armed forces, law enforcement, tactical training facilities, hunters and everyday gun enthusiast because of the instant gratification given to the shooter when they make a hit. There are several other factors why AR500 steel targets are superior to other target types.

There are numerous factors for choosing AR500 Steel Targets over targets of other types. Steel Targets are easy to use, add offer new elements to your traditional paper targets or any other target system.

Toughness of AR500 Steel Targets

In order for steel targets to be safe and long lasting it is important to use high quality steel and correct manufacturing processes. There are many different grades of steel produced for many different uses. Steel is an alloy or mixture of several elements such as carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and others. Each mixture or recipe create varying grades of steel, steel can have many different characteristics, from hardness, flexibility, resistance to abrasion and more. The hardness of steel can also be altered by controlled heating and cooling of the steel, some methods produce surface hardening and some offer through hardening. Rogue Shooting Targets only uses domestic high quality AR500 that is quenched and tempered and through hardened the thickness of material, not just surface hardened.

The hardness is important and critical to safe steel targets because only a smooth and flat surface will create predictable bullet splatter. Steel targets that have been produced from material that is not hard enough they tend to develop deformations from the bullet impact. These deformations may be in the form of dimples, pits, craters or even bent targets. Shooting into these deformations creates a situation where it is impossible to predict the spatter patterns.

Select Quality AR500  Targets

With safety in mind, it is of utmost value to obtain steel targets that are made from the best material available and manufactured using techniques that will maintain the characteristics of the AR500 steel that have been designed into the material. That is why ALL of our AR500 is laser cut which produces a very minimal heat effected zone while producing accurate and smooth cuts. Check out our line of AR500 steel targets and rest assured we only use the highest quality steel and materials creating a product that when used within the guidelines provided long lasting service. Choose from our laser cut AR500 round gongs, squares or silhouettes and enjoy the free shipping to your door.