ImagesUnderstanding their worth to shooting and the shooter

There is a lot more to the steel shooting target than the awesome sound it makes when you hit one. Don’t get us wrong, the sound is cool, but it’s merely a small reason as to why  steel targets are so highly valued.


A range ripe with steel shooting targets can be a cleaner one, not to mention more effective. You wouldn’t believe how much time and material is saved when you don’t have to run out and reset a target or check if you hit it.

When it comes to training, nothing else compares, especially for rapid fire drills. You won’t just hear if each shot impacted, but the bullet splashes will visually tell you. Rack up too many splashes for a steel target? Go over it with paint and the steel target will look like new.

Rogue Shooting Targets

At Rogue Shooting Targets, we provide the superior steel targets that hunters, gun enthusiasts, and tactical trainees & trainers, value and trust. Laser cut in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, we offer free shipping to anywhere in the Continental US for all of our products.

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