The Best Shooting Position

shooter position

Basic Shooting Positions

Learning how to shoot is only one aspect a shooter must perfect in order to be a great marksman. There are also four basic shooting positions that are vital to shooting. Prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing are the four positions needed for any rifle shooter who is out in the field or hunting. Here is a guide to help your perfect your position no matter which one you choose.

How to Perfect the Position

The Prone Position is when a shooter lays flat on their stomach while the rifle is pointed toward the target. It is the ideal position for shots that require a steady hand and also offers comfort. If you have the time to get into this position, it works well when firing long distance shots. It can be difficult to assume when an animal is there in front of you. It is best to avoid when hunting in tall grass or an area with thick brush.
The Sitting Position is another position that is easy and stable along with providing an accurate shot. Simply sit down on your behind with your legs crossed or knees up. If hunting in tall or dense brush, this position allows you to see over it to get your shot. Again, it is better if you have time to get into this position but do not have the space to lay down.
The Kneeling Position is great for when you need to get the shot done quickly and provides better accuracy than standing. It requires practice as you are not as steady as you are when in the prone or sitting position. Go down on one knee, with the other up and pointed towards the target and use shooting sticks to steady and aim the rifle.
The Standing Position is the least accurate and stable position of all. It is not the ideal position to shoot from but is necessary when your target is in front you and aware that you are there. To ensure you get the shot, stand with your feet apart, keep your head upright and raise the rifle up to your shoulder, aim, and shoot.

Steel Targets

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