Target Shooting 101: Basic Shooting Range Etiquette Explained

If you’re someone who frequents the gun range often for sports, practice or work purposes, you’re probably already familiar with basic gun range etiquette. If, however, you’re someone new to the world of shooting or have never visited a range before this blog is for you!

Why is Basic Range Etiquette Needed?

You might think that basic range etiquette is required so you don’t look like a guy  who doesn’t know their stuff. Though this might be an added plus, shooting range etiquette has got more to do with gun safety than anything else. It’s about keeping yourself and others at the range safe while having a good time and working on your aim.

Here are some range etiquette basics everyone needs to know.

Gun Safety

We’re all for personal use of firearms but what no seasoned respectable shooter or gun enthusiast will tolerate is carelessness.

If you own a firearm you need to be very clear on all the rules of gun safety. These include keeping your weapon locked when not in use, making sure the chamber is empty if you’re not firing and of course make sure you’re pointing your gun in a safe direction. Another gun safety rule that is best followed at the range or anywhere else is keeping your finger off the trigger at times that you aren’t aiming at a target.


Two of the most common words used at a range that you should know how to respond to are “cease fire” and “commence fire”. More importantly, you need to respond to these when you hear them, the cease fire command in particular.

If you don’t stop shooting when you hear the cease fire command, you risk injuring someone or simply being banned for irresponsibility.

Range Rules

Firing ranges like club houses and other social spaces each come with their own set of rules. These could be anything from restrictions on the targets you bring to the presence of pets and children. Whatever the range rules, don’t ignore them. Follow these to the tee.

If you’re unclear on range rules or starting at a new range, connect with the range master who will guide you.

Ranges may have their own target setups or require you to buy your own targets. If the latter is so, shooting targets are easily available.

Most range masters and professionals do not appreciate it if you deliberately shoot at things other than designated targets. These include the target posts so do try keep steady!

The Upshot

If you understand the three simple pointers above you should be okay. Just play nice, be clear on the rules, be sure to follow them and keep with your gun safety! If you’re looking for steel targets including steel gong targets, steel plate rack targets and steel silhouettes as well as other target related accessories, connect with us and check out your options!

Target Shooting 101: Basic Shooting Range Etiquette Explained