Steel Targets for shooting

steel targets for shooting

Reactive Steel Targets and Static Steel Targets

Reactive Steel Targets are just that.. They react to being hit by a projectile, that can mean they fall down, swing away, drop and spring back, spin or move in any way. Static Steel Targets do not move and just take a beating with every shot, each have there own place in a shooters tool box.

Reactive steel targets age generally more engaging for the shooter as there a visual effect along with the unique sound that goes along with shooting steel, whether the shot is up close or a long range shot. The simplest reactive targets are knock down steel targets which just fall down when hit, leaving no question that they were hit but also require time to walk out and stand the targets back up to continue, unless they are used in a steel plate rack targets which usually has a manual resetting device which allows the shooter to reset the targets while at shooting location by pulling a reset rope or strap. Steel popper targets are widely used in 3 gun matches and fall into the knock down category. Next would be swinging reactive targets which would include dueling trees and steel hostage targets used with steel silhouette targets which just swing from side to side when hit allowing for some fast target acquisitions and follow up shots from pistol shooters. Two or more pistol shooters can really have some fun competition with each other using such targets. Spring loaded auto resetting steel targets use torsion springs to apply pressure to the target in order to move it back to its rested position, generally it is obvious when the target is hit, and shooter can shoot again and again allowing for more shooting .

Static Steel Targets do not move or move very little as the name implies, they can be mounted to fixed angled holders or many other steel target holder options or even hung with chains or straps. We offer the angled steel target holders in two variations, a 10 or a 20 degree option, these angled holders tip the steel target forward helping to direct the fragments downward while “deflecting” the energy from projectile. One consideration while choosing witch angle is more appropriate, that is kinda a personal choice as the more you tip a target the perceived size is reduced and may cause a steel target of particular size to be visually to small, both seem to have effect on splatter deflection in our testing. We also offer a heavy duty tension holder that is a very popular and durable steel target holder allowing for easy target set up and very good audio conformation due to steel targets hanging “freely” on holder and being able to transmit the best sound, what shooter doesn’t just love the ring from steel targets? I don’t know of any.

Of all the ways to hang steel targets, the most common and most widely used are steel target strap kits or chain kits allowing for easy and versatile hanging of targets. We offer strap kits we make from a 3 ply conveyor belting which is very strong and will take a lot of direct hits before failure. Each strap is rated at 180 lbs, 360 lbs per pair, and has holes allowing for use of bolts or hooks for attaching to steel target.

Hope this helps, if you still have questions just send and email or call and the team at Rogue Shooting Targets LLC will do there best to help you make decision when it comes to steel targets and accessories.