Shooting Sensibly: 3 Things You Never Do When on the Range

Shooting ranges are a great place to practice your aim and to socialize and connect with other firearm enthusiasts around you. If you’re practicing for professional service or self defense purposes, shooting ranges offer you the opportunity to learn from other shooters and improve your overall handling as well.

For marksmen and professional sports shooters, the range offers a space to really sharpen those  skills to the point of excellence.

Ranges and Libraries

Libraries as you know are places where those interested in reading congregate. A library will have books of all sorts and spaces for people to read and study. At the same time, libraries have certain said and unsaid rules. Rules which are essential to maintain the environment desired by those visiting and one conducive to the activities that libraries are for.

Shooting ranges are no different. They offer shooting enthusiasts a space to do what they enjoy but at the same time come with said and unsaid rules. If not followed, these rules may make you look out of place. In some extreme cases, failing to follow these rules can even result in injury and death!

Things you Never Do When on the Range

Given our experience as a company that manufactures and deals in AR500 steel shooting targets and our experience as firearm owners, we know our way around most ranges in the US. Here are some pro-tips for what you never do when on the range.

Don’t Play Point

This is the oldest and most important rule in the book yet one can never state this enough. If you’re not looking to shoot something or someone, do NOT point your gun in their direction. When at a range, you have no reason to point your gun in anyone’s direction anyway. That’s what targets are for!

If you’re not pointing at a target, keep your firearm pointed at the ground.

Don’t Get Smart with the Range Master

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When on the range, the range master makes calls for a reason – to keep everyone safe. If you’re on the firing range, respect the range master’s orders, heed calls for cease and resume fire and above all, try not to get into arguments with the range master.

If you have a disagreement, state in a civil and polite manner. Refrain from being rude, obnoxious or aggressive as you risk being banned.

Don’t Show up Drunk/Intoxicated

We’re human and there are times when better judgment is overtaken by recklessness. It isn’t uncommon for people to want to fire off shots after knocking back a few drinks in celebration of this or that. Don’t do it.. Don’t be irresponsible, and if you have been drinking and have consumed one pint over the line, stay away from the range.

Go home, hit a diner, grab a bite, sober up and hit the range when you’re steady and clear headed. Being around firearms intoxicated and in public is a recipe for disaster.

Winding Down

Target shooting and firearms in general can be both useful and fun. It’s us as people who become careless, irresponsible and end up getting hurt or hurting others. Refrain from doing the things we’ve talked about here when on the range and you can count yourself as an American who truly deserves the right to be armed!

If you’re looking to buy AR500 Steel targets such as plates and gongs or are interested in available target mounting options, we’ve got you covered. Safe shooting folks!