Rogue Shooting Targets: 3 Things That Make our Products Ideal

The sale and production of firearms in the US has gone up in the past few years, indicating an increase in the number of individuals partaking in sports or recreational firearm use. If you’re one of the many hobbyists and enthusiasts out there who enjoys hitting the range from time to time and firing off a few, targets are probably something that concern you!

So Much to Choose From

As a company dedicated to manufacturing shooting targets and other related accessories, we’re aware that if you’re buying shooting equipment, you have a lot to choose from. When it comes to targets, there are numerous other companies that sell products similar to ours.

So what is it that makes our AR500 steel shooting targets ideal? What gives us and our products an edge? Allow us to elaborate!

We Learned from Experience 

Steel Shooting Targets

The first thing that gives our products an edge is the fact that we designed and manufactured them after trying and testing dozens of other steel targets and metal target stands types in person.

After going through numerous designs and figuring out where each lacked, we proceeded to make our own AR500 steel shooting targets. These targets are made for durability and extensive use so that even if you’re someone who loves shooting as much as we do, our targets will serve you well!

We Don’t Cut Corners

Well, technically we do, but only when we’re laser cutting the targets we build for you! What we’re saying is that we may sound like a friendly bunch of shooting enthusiasts, but we take our work extremely seriously.

Our targets are specially designed for durability, quality and safety. We do not compromise on the materials used or on the production process. Our AR500 steel targets are made using premium domestic material and are designed and shaped for efficiency and longevity.

Our products go through all necessary controls and checks to ensure that each target and accessory made promises reliability, ease of use, longevity and safety.

We Offer You Ample Choice

Finally, our website does not just offer you a single kind of AR500 steel target design. We offer you a complete range of target types with specific options including shape, thickness and target function. We offer you everything from steel target plates and steel plate racks to steel silhouette targets and steel gongs.

You can quite literally equip an entire public shooting range using our targets and accessories exclusively, without ever having to deal with anyone else!

The Upshot

Like we said, we enjoy shooting and know firsthand what any seasoned enthusiast would want out of their steel targets. We’ve proceeded to manufacture and distribute what are among the most well made AR500 steel shooting targets in the US. If you want to buy a set of AR500 steel targets or wish to know more about our products, feel free to connect with us now. Hope we see you around!