Participating in a New Kind of Sport: 3 Gun Competition


Competing in a New Thrilling Sport

Forget about golf or bowling, there is a new sport in town that will give you the adrenaline rush you did not know you wanted and it’s 3 Gun Competition. If you were looking for a place where you can shoot to your heart’s desire while engaging in some friendly competition then look no further. The competition is an obstacle course of sorts which is timed as you race to shoot your shotgun, rifle, and handgun. It is fantastic way to make you a better shot under pressure. If you want to participate, here is what it will take to get started.

Getting started with 3 Gun Competition

Participating in any competition can be intimidating but the beauty of 3-gun is that the community is filled with supportive individuals. Before you can get to them you will actually need to find them, so search online for local 3-gun matches that are open to the public. You will have to pick a classification and find out what guns you will need. It might be possible for you to use your own guns but you will definitely need ammo.
You will also want to go into the competition with some experience. Schedule some time at the gun range or practice on your own to get a feel for all of your guns, especially if you are shooting with new ones. While you are practicing be sure to shoot when moving and from various positions.
The competition requires you to pick a class and there are three to choose from: Open, Tactical Optics, and Heavy Metal. With an Open class most legal modification to any of the guns are allowed, for example pistols may have long barrels. Tactical Optics is the most popular class and AR-15 rifles and semiautomatic pistols and handguns work best here. The Heavy Metal class only allows rifles of .308 calibers or larger, 12-gauge shotguns, and .45 handguns.

Steel Shooting Targets

3-gun will test your ability and endurance during the eight to twelve course you must complete. Practice is the only way to ensure you leave the competition in the dust. Make sure your targets can keep up with you by investing in a steel target, the only type that can withstand constant use. At Rogue Shooting Targets LLC, we provide high quality steel targets that can withstand the pressure.