Long Range Target Shooting: 6 Things to Help Your Aim

Long range target shooting is a skill that even seasoned pros have a hard time mastering. Shooting targets from afar requires a certain blend of the right techniques. And while it’s a skill that can’t be mastered in a single day, if practiced right, you too can hit the bull’s eye from a distance.

To perfect the art of shooting long range with precision, keep the following step-by-step formula in mind.

1. Settle into a Comfortable Position

When shooting long range, make sure you’ve positioned yourself in the right posture before you aim at your target. To make the perfect aim, you should be perfectly relaxed and comfortable in the position you’re in. Make sure your gear is aiming straight at the target. You can realign it if necessary.

2. Your Position Should Be Solid Enough to Hold the Rifle Steady

Long range shooting is usually carried out with your body in a prone position. The closer the gun is to the ground, the better the aim you’ll be able to make. Just make sure your body is grounded properly, with both your elbow and forearms down on the ground. You should lie straight so that you can form a steady platform and control any recoil.

3. The Scope View Should Be Perfect

If the view through the rifle’s scope isn’t completely clear, don’t take the shot. Any shadow or hindrance in the view can bring with it the chance of parallax error which can throw off the whole shot. Make sure all the lenses are in alignment and the target is in clear sight.

The Scope View Should Be Perfect

4. Make the Shot Release Straight

Make sure the shot release is straight back by squeezing the trigger while maintaining a fixed eye through the scope. If you flinch, blink, or mess up your gaze in any way, it will have a major impact on the way the shot hits the target.

5. Hold the Gun Firmly But Not in a Death Grip

To help control the impact of recoil, you should hold your rifle firmly enough, but not too tightly. If your rifle has heavy recoil, not maintaining a firm hold around the grip can end up causing the shooter to get scoped.

6. First Practice with Short Range   

A lot of people move onto long range shooting without having mastered the short range. This can lead to basic errors which could have been avoided in practice. You should practice shooting consistently at short range before you move on to long range.

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