Getting Accurate: 7 Different Shooting Drills to Improve Accuracy

We already know that visiting a range and shooting or practicing your aim is healthy for a number of reasons. At the same time, one of the reasons most of us who hit the range have for doing so is to work on our gun control and accuracy.

You will be happy to know that there are numerous drills that may help you improve accuracy. Some of these may defer depending on the firearm you’re using, for instance, handgun or semi-automatic pistol drills may be a little different than those you use for a rifle. Further, even among rifles, a drill for a .243 Winchester bolt-action rifle might differ from those recommended for an AR-15.

General Accuracy Drills

At the same there are drills that are suited to undertaking using any kind of firearm. These help improve accuracy just as much. Here are 3 of them:

Bench Shooting

Whether you’re using a pistol or a rifle, bench shooting drills are great for those starting out and looking to isolate accuracy for practice above other technical shooting particulars. Bench shooting takes away the need to worry about stance, firearm weight and stability.

It is focused on helping you really streamline, improve and perfect your sight-alignment methods and habits. It also helps build confidence as it can be simpler than holding and firing an unsupported firearm.

Here, as opposed to standing, you sit or crouch by a bench. With pistols, you rest your elbow on the bench in question. If you’re using a rifle, you might do the same with a bipod.

Figure 8s

If you feel you’re good by way of sight alignment, figure 8 drills are the next drill you want to try out. These improve accuracy by helping you work on your trigger control, stability and alignment. The drill in its self is quite simple.

It involves firing off a shot which is not on the bull’s eye. Preferably one in the outer circle of your target plate. Following this, you need to aim the rest of your shots with respect to the one previously fired.

The idea here is to create a rough figure 8 out of the shot marks on your steel target plate. The tighter your 8, the better your accuracy!

Shrinking Targets

If you’re confident on sight alignment and stability and you really just want to zero in on your aim skills, shrinking target drills are brilliant. Ideally, do the two drills above before graduating to this one.

As you know, targets can be divided into concentric circles or other shapes, the bull’s eye being in the middle. You start this drill by picking the outer most boundary and focusing your shots within.

After each set of shots, you need to move to the smaller boundary within the outer one (but still larger than the bull’s eye area). After the next shots, reduce your target area further.

The idea here is to get all shots within your designated target area which you shrink as you go!

Winding Down

The drills stated above are just three among many possible shooting drills you could try out to improve your accuracy. You must also remember that when it comes to accuracy, practicing on steel target plates is far more beneficial than using paper.

If you’re looking for steel targets including steel gongs, steel plate rack targets and steel silhouettes as well as other target related accessories, connect with us and check out your options! If you’re already equipped, just get to it!