wwShooting safely, shooting professionally, shooting steel

How do you shoot like an expert marksman? By getting out on the range and shooting! Your accuracy isn’t going to magically improve overnight. To become a professional, you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to the improvement of your skills.

Part of maturing into a marksman is realizing the importance of safety. That means heading out to the range with eye and ear protection and suitable clothing. It also means making sure every aspect of your training regimen is secure, especially your target.

When it comes to steel target safety, AR500 steel is the preferred grade. Shooting high quality steel reduces the risk of ricochet associated with other low-grade steels. By committing yourself to discipline and professionalism, you’ll experience improvements in aim and accuracy over time. This makes AR500 steel targets a professional investment.

When you’re ready to add AR500 steel targets to your range and practice field, Rogue Shooting Targets is the team to contact. Visit our website or call (541) 840-3981 for more information!