Steel Target Stands

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The Different Types

Shooting can be a hobby for some and for others it can be quite a competitive, steel targets are great for both. Aside from shooting bulls eyes, there are many other factors to consider when choosing targets and stands. The quality of the target stand is one. Here are the two main kinds.

Gong Stands

Swinging gong stands allow for the steel target to swing and “bleed” of the bullets energy at impact.. The stand’s design allows for easy set up, storage and transportation, and can be used with round steel targets or square steel targets, and is powder coated for protection from the environment.

Tension Stand

The tension stand features spring tension which allows steel target to move when struck by projectile and quickly return to position. By fitting a standard wood 2×4, you’ll enjoy the luxury of placing the target at different heights, we find a 48″- 2×4 works great . The stand’s sturdiness makes it desirable for the larger targets used in long range shooting. There is also not much exposed for the stray bullet to hit except for the wood, making it great for pistol and rifle shooters. Our tension stand is also designed for ease of use and transportation.

We, at Rogue Shooting Targets, understand the importance of target stands for serious shooters and hunters. That’s we provide quality stands, in addition to our top-rated steel targets.

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