Steel Target Sound Quality

Steel Target Sound Quality


The value of audible and visual feedback have made AR500 steel targets a popular choice among shooters. The resounding ping heard after the target is hit serves as a coaching guide to the shooter, letting them know that they successfully hit the target. This can be an invaluable tool especially when shooting at long distances. The farther away from the steel target the louder the ping should resonate. When selecting a steel target there are three contributing factors that determine the quality of sound when hit: thickness, size and mount.


AR500 steel is extremely durable and made to withstand high impact, so when selecting a steel target choose a thickness specific to you needs. The thinner the plate the louder the ping.

  • 3/8″ Steel Gong Targets are specifically designed to handle magnum handguns and rifles. This thickness is durable enough to receive high volume impact; great for clubs or competitive handgunners.
  • 1/2″ Steel Gong Targets are created to withstand all calibers up to .388 magnum at a distance of 100 yds. Strong enough to handle daily rifle use.


Generally speaking, the larger the plate the louder the sound. Typically anything over 10″ is going to be significantly louder that the smaller targets. Larger targets are used for long-range applications, providing not only larger surface area but also a loud ring when hit.

Steel Target Holders

Hanging mounts are preferred when it comes to the quality of sound as well as durability of targets. There are limitless ways to hang targets. Chain kits are one of the more common choices for hanging as it allows the target to move freely; however, links are easily damaged resulting in many repairs. Another method gaining in popularity is the use of old fire hose or strap kits. It is sometimes preferred as it provides more stability to the target, with less need of repairs; however, the sound is absorbed somewhat by the use of these materials.

Regardless of which target you choose, remember to always use hearing protection. Noise cancelling ear muffs not only muffle the sound of the shot but will allow you to hear the desired ping.

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