Safety & Steel Targets


Steel Targets

Over the past few years, steel targets have increased in popularity. Unlike paper targets, steel targets can be set-up and will remain so for the duration of practice. The sound the bullet makes when it hits alerts shooters when they are on point. Not mention the satisfying “Ting!” the bullet makes on impact.
Before you head off to shoot, there are a few safety precautions one must take. Among them are choosing the right type of steel and firearm to use.

Practicing Steel Target Safety

Use the Right Steel

AR500 is the go to steel targets for shooters. Why? For starters,  the hardness of the steel is what is recommended to use with the majority of rifle rounds. A softer target steel will lead to pitting that causes unpredictable ricochets overtime. This is one reason why you do not want to use any piece of steel you can find for target practice. While AR500 targets are not indestructible, if used for pistol only will probably outlast your pistol and as for rifles if you follow our guidelines will last a long time.

Angle the Target

As stated above, a high-quality steel target can outlast your favorite handgun. Angled targets are generally used at closer distances for handgun use. An angled target will help deflect the bullets energy away from a target and will help in directing the bullet splatter downward. We offer angled holders for our AR500 steel targets in both 10 and 20 degrees.

When using AR500 steel targets, ricochets are not common but that does not mean they cannot occur. Which is why it is good practice to follow our steel target directions and always remember to wear protective equipment when shooting.

Use the Right Gun

Only use handguns, rifles, and shotguns on a steel targets. Never use; pellet, BB’s, and air guns of any kind. Using these guns can lead to unfavorable results.

Use the Correct Ammo

Only use standard lead ammunition. Avoid green-tip or bi-meal bullets because they will deform the target and cause ricochets.

AR500 Steel Targets

For your high-quality steel targets, look to Rogue Shooting Targets for your steel target needs. Following the proper safety procedure, our targets will last for years.

We offer a variety of stands, holders, and plates so that you will find the perfect fit for your shooting needs. For additional information about our targets, please visit our site today.