Choosing a Steel Target

Steel Targets come in tons of variations, so what size and shape works best? It can depend on desired use and personal choice. I will try and give some personal opinions into the matter to help you make your choice when it comes to selecting a steel target.

Steel Targets for shooting

Reactive Steel Targets and Static Steel Targets Reactive Steel Targets are just that.. They react to being hit by a projectile, that can mean they fall down, swing away, drop and spring back, spin or move in any way. Static Steel Targets do not move and just take a beating with every shot, each have […]

Selecting the Right Rifle: What to look for in a Target Shooting Rifle

You’re standing in the firearms section of a huge store, staring at a pretty intimidating collection of target shooting rifles. There’s an overwhelming variety of types, shapes, sizes, prices, materials, and features. You can’t figure out which one you should choose.