Choosing a Steel Target

Steel Targets come in tons of variations, so what size and shape works best? It can depend on desired use and personal choice. I will try and give some personal opinions into the matter to help you make your choice when it comes to selecting a steel target.

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Steel Targets

As we all know there are a wide variety of steel targets on the market today. Steel targets are generally manufactured from AR500 steel plate which is a quenched and tempered material that is thru hardened the full thickness of the material, not just the surface. The hardness is important as it maintains the flat surface of the target. Rogue Targets only uses the best USA materials for its targets and are laser cut for utmost accuracy and overall quality of end product.

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Steel Targets for shooting

Reactive Steel Targets and Static Steel Targets

Reactive Steel Targets are just that.. They react to being hit by a projectile, that can mean they fall down, swing away, drop and spring back, spin or move in any way. Static Steel Targets do not move and just take a beating with every shot, each have there own place in a shooters tool box.

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Getting Accurate: 7 Different Shooting Drills to Improve Accuracy

We already know that visiting a range and shooting or practicing your aim is healthy for a number of reasons. At the same time, one of the reasons most of us who hit the range have for doing so is to work on our gun control and accuracy.

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Target Shooting 101: Basic Shooting Range Etiquette Explained

If you’re someone who frequents the gun range often for sports, practice or work purposes, you’re probably already familiar with basic gun range etiquette. If, however, you’re someone new to the world of shooting or have never visited a range before this blog is for you!

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Selecting the Right Rifle: What to look for in a Target Shooting Rifle

You’re standing in the firearms section of a huge store, staring at a pretty intimidating collection of target shooting rifles. There’s an overwhelming variety of types, shapes, sizes, prices, materials, and features. You can’t figure out which one you should choose.

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Long Range Target Shooting: 6 Things to Help Your Aim

Long range target shooting is a skill that even seasoned pros have a hard time mastering. Shooting targets from afar requires a certain blend of the right techniques. And while it’s a skill that can’t be mastered in a single day, if practiced right, you too can hit the bull’s eye from a distance.

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