Steel Targets

As we all know there are a wide variety of steel targets on the market today. Steel targets are generally manufactured from AR500 steel plate which is a quenched and tempered material that is thru hardened the full thickness of the material, not just the surface. The hardness is important as it maintains the flat surface of the target. Rogue Targets only uses the best USA materials for its targets and are laser cut for utmost accuracy and overall quality of end product.

Steel Gong Targets

A steel gong target is just another name for a round steel target that is hung by chains, straps, cables or other options, generally from two point on the target which will limit the lateral movement when it is hit or in some cases when the wind blows strong. We manufacture and stock steel gong targets in sizes from 2 inches in diameter all the way up to our 20″ steel gong, in both 3/8″ and 1/2″ thickness. The 3/8″ steel gongs will handle most common calibers shot today even at a distance of 100 yards. The general rule of thumb is pretty easy to remember 3000 fps /3500 ft lbs energy at impact of target. Which means if you are shooting a 300 win mag, 30-06 Springfield, or a .308 Winchester you are more than likely good to go with the 3/8″ thickness, unless you are hand-loading and ballistics are higher than standard factory loads. We produce 1/2″ steel gong targets in sizes from 2″ to 15″ in diameter ready to ship once order is placed. The 1/2″ ar500 steel targets are used with the larger magnum cartridges where impact energy is above 3500 ft lbs and velocity is under 3000 fps. Meaning even at 100 yards you can use with the .338 magnums, 45-70 and other large calibers. Even with these large magnums once the velocity drops to 3000 fps and the energy drops to 3500 ft lbs you can use the 3/8″ steel targets, generally the 1/2″ steel targets can be used with the .50 BMG at 400 yards and beyond.

The biggest factor is the velocity which needs to be under 3000 fps with either the 3/8″ or 1/2″ targets, meaning the smaller fast cartridges are harder on the steel targets than the larger magnums. If AR500 steel targets are shot at velocities over 3000 fps it will result in a pit caused by the heat developed due to the high velocity and will have same effect on either thickness, thickness just allows for more energy to be used.

Rogue Shooting Targets has a large inventory of steel targets in stock and ready for shipping, check them out, Free shipping in Continental USA

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