Attracting Shooter to Your Gun Range

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Beat the Slump

Every business experiences times that are much slower than others. This is due to things such as the time of year and weather. Owners of a gun range will see a dip in visitors during the fall and winter season as the cold weather will keep shooters inside. How do you combat the weather? There are several tactics you can take from seasonal promotions to adding new elements to your range.

Enticing Shooters to the Range

Seasonal promotions are a wonderful way to get people in the door. Offer a special deal, such as a Christmas only deal during the month of December or a two for one in February to attract couples for Valentine’s Day. Offer group deals as well as it will be a draw for a group of shooters. Promotions make it more enticing to people when they feel they are getting a better deal for their money.
Holding a First Shot Seminar at your range will also attract new participants to your range and create returning customers. Members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation qualify for a $3,000 cooperative advertising when they host a First Shot Seminar.
Alternatively, you can attract experienced shooters by hosting more advanced competitions such as a 3 Gun Competition. You do not have to stick to one form of competition either. You can hold individual competitions for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, each with their own criteria for shooting. As with the First Shooter Seminar, look into available sponsorships.
Another reason you may have seen a decline in customers has to do with the state of your range. Many gun ranges are either in or outdoors and let their equipment become old. A simple renovation with new targets and a paint job can do wonders for your business. If you have an indoor range, consider an outdoor one as it could draw in a crowd when the weather is nice. Do not forget to have an assortment of guns and rifles for customers to rent.

Steel Shooting Targets

If you are looking to replace your outdoor targets or expand to the outdoors, invest in nothing but the best with steel shooting targets. At Rogue Shooting Targets, we ensure ours are high-quality so your range maintains its spectacular reputation for excellence. For additional information about our products, visit our site.