Steel Poppers

Rogue Shooting Targets - AR500 steel Popper Shooting Targets

AR500 Steel Popper targets are a essential part of action pistol and 3 gun matches. We offer laser cut steel popper targets in 4 models, the old stand by Pepper Popper which stands 42" tall, the Classic Popper which is basicaly the same as a Pepper Popper with the top portion removed. We also have a Mini-Popper which is a scaled down version of the Pepper Popper, and the Mini-Classic which is a scaled down version of the Classic Popper. The Mini-Popper is 28" tall. All of our steel popper targets are 3/8" thick laser cut AR500, with powder coated base with holes to "pin" to the ground with spikes (supplied). AR500 Steel Popper Targets are typicaly used as pistol targets although they will handle most rifle cartridges. Standard Popper targets are manualy reset. Our AR500 steel popper targets are adjustable for terrain and power factor of ammuntition, by simply adjusting a resting bolt. Popper targets have a heavy duty rubber bumper for the AR500 Steel target to fall against and fold flat for easy transportation and storage. Our AR500 Steel Targets are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint your preferance of color or no paint at all.