AR500 Plate Racks


AR500 Steel Plate Rack Shooting Targets - We have two models of steel plate rack targets for action pistol shooters, steel plate racks are great tools for pistol training, from target acquisition, magazine changes and more a plate rack is a versatile target system. There is the Junior Plate Rack Target that has three 3/8" x 8" AR500 steel targets and the Standard Plate Rack Target that has six 3/8" x 8" AR500 steel targets. Both AR500 plate rack target systems are designed for easy set up and "break down" for transportation and storage. Targets can be changed without the use of tools, making changes easy and fast. Both action target plate racks have a 50' nylon webbing reset strap with hand loop sewn for ease of use. Our plate racks use wood 2x4 s to connect plate rack carriage to base this allows for easy target height adjustment by the shooter by cutting the wood 2x4 to different length, usually 48" works great. The wood 2x4 also allows for easy and inexpensive replacement if they get damaged and will not allow bullets to ricochet. Both the Targets and the 20 degree deflector are laser cut AR500. The plate rack carriage and all parts except target plates have a powdercoated finish.