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Rogue Shooting Targets AR500 Plate Rack Targets

Rogue Shooting Targets has designed and manufactured AR500 Plate Rack Targets for centerfire handgun shooters. Plate rack are widely used by competitive shooters, law enforcement training facilities or your everyday handgunner. Plate racks offer an endless scenario of options for hand gun shooters to work on target acquisition, magazine changes, strong hand/week hand training, you name it our plate rack will allow the needed training, not only that they are just plain fun to shoot.

When using our plate racks the centerfire hand gun shooter is provided with instant audio and visual conformation of a hit or a miss of the AR500 targets. When the shooter hits the reactive target plate they get the instant gratification of a good hit by the sound of the bullet hitting the steel target and the reaction of the plate falling out of view. Once they have knocked down all the targets they can reset them from their shooting location. Our plate racks allow the shooter to shoot more and spend less time going down range to check or reset targets, as they are provided with a 50' pull strap which allows resetting easy for right or left handed shooters. Areas of our plate racks that are likely to be hit by projectiles are all AR500 to provide the user with long term use and dependability.

Our Plate Rack Target Systems come with 3/8" x 8" AR500 steel target plates and are reversible allowing for shooting of both sides of target plates and easy to change with no tools. Plates also have adjustable resting stops which can provide some adjustment for uneven ground or charge weight of ammunition.

We offer two models, the Junior Plate Rack and our Standard Plate Rack. Both plate racks come with 3/8" x 8" AR500 Steel target plates, targets are spaced at 14" center to center. Plate Racks are best used on flat and level surfaces.


Junior Plate Rack leftJunior Plate Rackback of junior plate rack

Junior Plate Rack-3 plate


Dimensions: dependent on wood 2x4 H x 3'L x 2.5'W

Weight: 76 lbs.

Target plates: (3) 3/8" AR-500 8" round

Firearm: Centerfire Handgun, 10 yards and farther

Price: $574.95

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Standard Plate Rack- 6 plate


Dimensions: denpendent on wood 2x4 H x 6'L x 2.5'W

Weight: 142 lbs

Target Plates: (6) 3/8" AR-500 8" round

Firearm: Centerfire Handgun, 10 yards and farther

Price: $939.95

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