Hardware / Accessories


Rogue Shooting Targets provides steel shooting target accessories, chain and strap kits to hang all of our AR500 steel targets except for our tension plates.

The chain kit is a simple target hardware kit with two lengths of chain, nuts/bolts, and "s" hooks, allowing for a really easy way to hang your AR500 steel targets.

Our Strap kit includes two lengths of a triple ply conveyor belting material, bolts, nuts and washers to use to in hanging your AR500 steel targets.

The main benefit to the strap kit is it can take multiple (quite a few) hits before it fails to hold a steel target, where the chain once you hit it is generally time for repair.

Steel Target Paint Kit will save you money when it comes to repainting your AR500 steel targets, by having a convenient way to use latex house paint, just add paint.

Miscellaneous Hardware for our AR500 target stands and target holders