3/8" Angled AR500 Static Steel Targets

Our 3/8" Angled AR500 Steel Static Targets are laser cut from high quality domestic plate. Angled steel targets can help direct splatter and bullet fragments downward and reduces energy subjected to target. Originaly designed for the U.S. Navy, now due to increased demand are now available to all. Primarily designed as a pistol target may also be used as a rifle target, just keep velocities under 3000 f.p.s. and 3500 ft.lbs. energy. Our angled plates are available in 8" rounds, 12" x 12" square, 12"x 18" rectangle and 2/3rd scale (12.08"x20") IDPA silhouettes and can be used with our 10 degree holder and 20 degree holder. Please refer to our selecting a target page for help choosing which target to purchase. Our angled plates offer the user the durability and long term use by being able to shoot both sides of target by flipping target around on holder. Our AR500 Steel Targets are shipped unpainted allowing you to paint your preferance of color or no paint at all.